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fred dГјren

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Frederick Consulting, LLC A s we move past and make plans for , many organizations make advances to reinvent themselves. We realize that sometimes the result of what we have done in the past is not good enough.

We recognize a new opportunity that requires our organization to make changes in order to take advantage.

Whatever the challenge to reinvent is, one should think of Lean Manufacturing and how application of the basics can positively affect your organization.

Almost everyone has had some exposure to Lean Manufacturing, either the Toyota Manufacturing System, training, or through the vast amount of information available.

Lean thinking can be pretty simple! Lean Manufacturing is defined as the Identification and Elimination of Waste. The goal is to make changes to minimize those wastes!

Can you adjust your equipment to lower its production capacity? There may be some cost involved, but you will have a production line that is more flexible and the ability to change product faster.

All wait time cannot be eliminated, but a good analysis of your equipment for quick change over may be the right thing to do in order to be more productive.

Think of methods to perform maintenance on equipment that reduces the time-to-repair. Use of sub-assembly change outs or bolted assemblies versus welded assemblies can be a couple of time savers.

Page 16 Transportation: How often do you move product from one station to another? Do you have a layout of your shop area that is not conducive to smooth product flow?

Start with your sales and order processing methods. Do you have the right information at the beginning of the production cycle to have necessary materials on hand?

Can you move operators to the product instead of the other way around? Sometimes thinking in reverse manufacturing order allows you see where a change can make a big difference.

Overprocessing: There is a tendency to make a product the best quality possible. Does the customer really need the gold plated version?

Ask your customer and truly understand the quality requirements needed and meet them. If you go overboard, recognize that it may be really more than your customer needs.

Inventory: Significant cost advantages can be seen by a minimized inventory of raw and finished materials. Optimize inventory all the time!

Motion: Think of this as implementing changes. Make sure a project has a good definition, clear goals, and a way to measure progress.

Use good measurement tools to make sure that you are on track. Correction: Most manufacturing operations have initial rejected materials, due to manufacturing defects or mistakes.

Most companies can do rework to correct defects, however sometimes it is more costly to correct than the product is worth. Know when to say STOP.

Figure out why you have to have corrective actions and eliminate them to solve this problem. In a new product, Six Sigma tools allow you to design out the defects before you start.

Underutilized People: People are your most valuable asset. They hold the knowledge of how you do things, what and how to correct problems, skills to perform complicated tasks and interface with your customers.

Training is essential in Lean Manufacturing and for employees to do their jobs properly. The state is ranked fifth in total installed capacity of wind power in the U.

The emergence of the renewable energy sector should provide many manufacturing opportunities for Oregon companies. The large installed base of wind machines will require spare parts and maintenance support.

Local suppliers can provide faster and more reliable service without high transportation costs and long lead times.

OMEP consulting staff will meet with interested companies, assess existing system and capabilities, develop a plan for improvement and work closely with companies to help them implement the plan.

Contact Gerry Snell at visit www. The branch opened its doors on November 15th and will hold a grand opening event in early This will be their first branch in Marion County, 25th branch in Oregon and 84th banking office.

City of Dallas Ten-Year Review As we near the end of another decade, Dallas has been looking back over the past ten years.

They found some interesting facts. Call or visit their website at www. The college then began work creating more family wage jobs and strengthening the talent of our workforce.

Subsequently, the educational infrastructure for a stronger economy is emerging from the ground up at Chemeketa locations throughout the valley.

The State of Oregon forecasts that over fifty percent of the new job opportunities in our region will require more than a high school diploma and less than a four-year degree, so Chemeketa is at the forefront of preparing workers for the future economy.

The first one to be completed will be the health sciences classroom complex that combines over 71, square-feet of new construction with a re-model of 56, square feet in an existing building.

Brooks facility will host resources for fire science, emergency response and criminal justice. The complex will open in Fall and provide the learning environment to fill the projected need in the Mid-Willamette Valley for 1, more health care professionals by Private donations are equipping a community dental clinic where students will provide thousands of treatment appointments per year for under-served and under-insured patients.

Steel workers at the Brooks facility. The second building on the Salem campus will provide stateof-the-industry training in technical professions so our local workforce is prepared to meet the future demand for technicians in fabrication, process and emerging technologies.

The applied technology building is planned to open in fall of At Brooks, Chemeketa will host a comprehensive training resource for professionals and students in the fields of fire science, emergency response and criminal justice.

Our region is projected to soon require hundreds of more professionals in these fields, and the new, three-story, 30, square-foot building, designed and built by SEDCOR members Studio 3 Architecture and Skanska Construction, will help fulfill that demand.

The emergency response classroom building will open in fall of Patricia L. Bolger -- bring to the Company. Page 20 New Cranberry Orchard Medley Delivers Delicious Convenience This versatile cranberry compote is at home as a side dish, a condiment or topping.

T ruitt Bros. Each ounce shelf-stable pouch pack of Cranberry Orchard Medley is loaded with Oregon-grown cranberries, Washington-grown Fuji apples, oranges, a blend of spices and just a touch of cane sugar, making this versatile product equally at home on the plate next to the turkey, as it is spooned over ice cream or a stack of pancakes.

The Oregon-grown cranberries are among the brightest juiciest, sweetest berries on the market. There, the handy pouches are thermally sterilized.

This method, combined with a low profile package, allows for a much shorter sterilization time than traditional jarred or canned food, ensuring that the food is nutritious and safe without sacrificing flavor and eliminating the need for additives and preservatives traditionally used to extend shelf life.

Leaders in bringing quality and innovation to the industry since , Truitt Bros. As part of their commitment to preservation of natural resources, as well as positive employee relations and environmentally responsible manufacturing practices, Truitt Bros.

The portable hot tubs manufacturer has unveiled several new hot tubs and configurations, in addition to dramatic upgrades.

Marquis is also adding a , based on the extremely popular model seating. In addition to adding new tubs to the line-up, Marquis is also adding features to the already dynamic Everyday Hot Tubs.

Plus, these spas can now also be bought with a Barnwood exterior color and a Charcoal cover. For additional information about Everyday Hot Tubs by Marquis, visitwww.

Marquis Spas, an Oregon-based employee-owned company, is celebrating 30 years of manufacturing premium portable hot tubs. The company distributes its products in the U.

With a newly constructed 17, sq. Each piece of product is ink jet printed with the job number and piece mark for quick on the job identification.

The state-of-the-art computer efficiency of the rollforming line allows for precision hole punching, from customer supplied punch charts, assuring you the most economical product with the latest in technological accuracy.

In December , Pacific Building Systems received an Oregon Business Development Fund loan for the purchase of equipment to set up production of purlins and other rollformed components used in steel buildings.

This project is an outgrowth of their other business, Truss T Structures, Inc, dba Pacific Building Systems, which has operated in Woodburn since The company manufactures steel buildings, and had purchased the purlins and other roll-form components from another manufacturer.

The Purlin Mill was set up to bring the manufacturing of these items in-house, to allow better control of quality and pricing.

Even in this tough economy, the business is doing well. We now supply purlins to two other steel building manufacturers, as well as many smaller customers.

Climax Portable Machine Tools has won the Manufacturer of the Year award for achieving extensive growth. The honor was awarded in the medium-sized company category and was given to the Climax team by the Portland Business Journal.

Climax Portable Machine Tools is recognized worldwide for its engineering services, customized training programs, and excellence in the design and manufacture of portable machine tools used in on-site machining.

These portable machines bring the power and precision of large stationary machines directly to the piece of equipment to be repaired, enabling customers to efficiently repair and maintain heavy equipment in Geoff Gilmore, Climax CEO, proudly displays the Manufacturing Company of the Year Award, along with members of the management team from left Andy Becker, Geoff Gilmore, Joni George, Lawrence Rentz place.

In-place machining often cuts days off the repair process so equipment can get back into operation with a minimum of downtime or disruption.

Stroke patients arriving at Silverton Hospital benefit from the care of an experienced staff and a network of expert providers.

A stroke occurs when a clot blocks the blood supply to the brain. Once an individual has a stroke, every second counts.

The clotbusting drug, tPA tissue plasminogen activator , must be given in the first few hours after a stroke has occurred to maximize the chance of improvement.

More than family businesses were nominated in VPR was recognized in the category of businesses with nine or fewer employees.

Fred VanNatta has a passion for grassroots political involvement. With undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in political science from Willamette University and University of Oregon, VanNatta honed skills as a staff assistant to the Oregon speaker of the house in the and legislative sessions.

In ; he incorporated a business to manage political campaigns and associations. His company was founded on that premise.

Mary Louse graduated from Willamette University in political science, international relations and Spanish. Today, Gail serves as president of the firm, VanNattaGail a principal, and Fred VanNatta is scaling back after working as a senior lobbyist and political consultant for well over 30 years.

Oregon of course! While many regions have been crippled by the economic climate over the past couple of years, the MidWillamette Valley has shown a winning combination to help beat the odds.

That combination is the utilization of appropriate incentives coupled with local government eager to create opportunities for industry.

Some manufacture the end product -- either PV panels or thin film applications. And, still others represent supply chain industries who fulfill the need for just-in-time inventory and critical components.

This was part of a comprehensive plan initiated by the Oregon Business Development Department and its strategic partners from other governments, city and county, and the private sector.

Team Oregon has carried the mission of the State and the private sector to national and international trade shows -- focusing on solar, wind, and biomass applications.

Within just a few years, Oregon has become internationally recognized as a state where renewable energy industries can build their industry clusters to develop strong world-class companies to compete in international markets.

The vision of the City of Salem Mayor and administrative staff was to create a renewable energy and technology center where companies could locate.

It had to be a site with the necessary infrastructure to support the demanding needs of the industry. Typically a requirement for manufacturers in solar and other renewable energy industries.

The City of Salem supplied the rest of the infrastructure, including roads and even street lighting featuring LED technologies. The acre site, creates an ideal location for companies to grow and develop.

In fact, these counties represent the largest producing counties of agricultural products in the State. From growing to harvesting -- to value-added products and equipment -- the crops and consumer end products produced in this region are staggering.

From Christmas trees to fresh-packed cherries and pears, the value-added agricultural industry is a keystone industry supporting equipment manufacturers, production machine manufacturers, and food distribution facilities that help feed America.

Technology also plays a significant role in this industry, as well as new production line techniques and processes developed to shorten the timeline from field to table.

The landscape of the MidWillamette Valley is home to a number of ultra high-tech metal fabrication business producing not only food grade processing equipment, but equipment used in biofuels and bio-mass operations.

This produces enough energy to supply roughly 7 annual household loads. Harvesting the sun to make their new office net zero! For information call or visit www.

The two utilities jointly received the award for Best Marketing Campaign by a Green Power Purchaser for Courtesy Knock, an enhanced version of a targeted doorto-door canvas used to promote the Blue Sky renewable energy program.

Environmental Protection Agency. A whirlwind two-month challenge, co-sponsored by the City of Portland, Pacific Power and Portland General Electric tripled its goal of 1, new sign-ups for renewable energy programs offered by the two utilities with 3, sign-ups.

Launches at El Gaucho Restaurant W illamette Valley Vineyards and El Gaucho are raising a glass to an exciting development that is poised to revolutionize the wine industry.

The Willamette Valley Vineyards Bio-Cask is a stainless steel cask that holds the equivalent of 26 bottles of wine. Through their involvement in the Oregon winery Carbon Neutral Challenge, Willamette Valley Vineyards looks closely at everything they do, everything they consume and Jim Bernau and Bio-Cask everything they produce.

Winery Founder and President containers. Over its estimated ten year lifespan forecasted at 15 turns per year , each stainless steel Bio-Cask will replace cases worth of traditionally packaged wine: bottles, labels, corks, tin caps, cardboard boxes, wooden pallets and the plastic wrap used to secure it all for transport.

Additionally, the slim size and reduced weight per unit means a significantly smaller transportation footprint. Visit www.

Nomination forms and category descriptions are available online at www. Previous nominees who were not selected in are welcome to apply.

Business Description: Local berry processor and pie manufacturer with a new Farm Store. Business History: Willamette Valley Fruit Company was started in by the Gerald Roth family, who has been growing berries locally in Salem for three generations.

WVFC is a familyowned business, not a cooperative, that works closely with local growers to supply all of their markets.

Though the majority of our fruit is flash-frozen IQF , they also make purees, straight-pack products and drum stock.

These products are generally sold on the commodity market to domestic and foreign users who will combine berries with other ingredients to manufacture food products of their own.

They had been supplying the fruit for their pies and jumped at the opportunity to purchase the business. Since acquiring the business they have added to the product line, supplying grocery stores, farm stands and restaurants in the region with pies, cobblers, 2-pound bags of frozen fruit, freezer jam, jar jam, honey, syrup and fruit snack bars.

Most of their retail product line is also available for school and non-profit fundraisers. WVFC also does custom pack private-label products for a few well-known National Brand companies which keeps our bakery busy all year.

Page 28 With the desire to connect directly with the local people who buy our products, we added another layer to our business and opened a Farm Store in February of Located on the same property as our processing plant and bakery, we provide a unique learning experience for audiences of all ages.

You can tour our facilities and even our berry fields in the summer months or simply swing by to shop in our store and enjoy a fresh baked slice of pie a la mode.

Our retail bakery menu offers up fresh baked goods daily, coffee, smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream and even a few breakfast and lunch options.

In addition, we have a list of family-friendly events and activities lined up from u-pick berries and outdoor movie showings to a fall corn maze and holiday gift baskets.

Business Specialities: Not only do we feel we have great products we can stand behind, but we take pride in our relationships with our customers.

We have an excellent staff that understands and exemplifies customer service. What is biggest advantage of doing business in the Mid-Willamette Valley?

Customers want to have a connection to their food, know where it comes from, who grows it, what farming practices they use. They want to meet us, see where we work.

WVFC loves that their customers are so educated and committed to supporting the community. Essential Business Philosophy: Strive to meet and exceed the needs of their customers.

If the commodity market has a bad year, they can leverage out the retail business to compensate. Also, because they are on the small side for a manufacturing business, they are flexible and quick to move on new projects and ventures that make sense.

WVFC want to be sure they have the infrastructure in place to handle additional business. They are not a Kraft or ConAgra so going National with their products requires a lot of resources for a business their size.

Other challenges include the many regulations faced as a food supplier, the cost to keep up with those regulations, global competition, and the increases in health care, energy and tax costs.

It is expected that construction of the Mount Angel Community Building will begin early in Many of these same people will bring their talents, expertise and time to bear on this important project for the people of Mount Angel and the surrounding communities.

This project will allow the SCA to open up training to school districts and individuals for construction skills which will have a significant impact on future employees for the construction industry.

How will this action affect neighbors, employees or customers? It may make business sense, but is it the right thing to do?

Their loyalties run so deep that what may be a no brainer at one company, can be a real struggle for them. The new Farm Store has helped them bridge the gap to learn more about who their customers really are and helps bring more tourists to the Salem area.

Professional certificates in early childhood education, volunteer engagement, rural social services, and youth work build the skills and credentials for career seekers looking to meet important challenges facing the Salem region.

All PSU instructors are University-accredited experts in their field. Additional programs in IT, Lean, and Six Sigma training can be developed to serve Salem-area manufacturing firms and small businesses.

Undergraduate students regularly perform Capstone projects, working on larger-scale and community-based needs.

For example, the Extended Campus program was recently recognized with an award for contributions to the Marion County Historical Society.

Contact the Salem office if you have ideas for community Capstone projects. SEDCOR members receive discounts on already competitively priced professional development training programs.

Through the School of Extended Studies, we are here to build your skills and competitiveness.

Thank you Salem and the Mid-Willamette Valley! Salem businesses can reduce their electric utility bills with an investment in energy efficient lighting upgrades.

Lighting improvements are a great first step in an energy efficiency program because of the long-term cost savings and short payback period.

The City of Salem launched a new program for commercial building owners and tenants which provides financing for energy efficient lighting upgrades in existing commercial buildings.

Find a lighting contractor to do the project. Salem Electric customers can do the work themselves or use any licensed and bonded contractor.

PGE customers must work with an Energy Trust approved trade ally. Get a proposal. Your contractor will conduct a lighting audit and estimate your project costs and potential energy savings.

Your lighting project is eligible if it is in an existing commercial building and will result in a 25 percent PGE customers or 30 percent Salem Electric customers energy savings The utility incentive will be paid directly to your contractor to reduce the project costs.

Finance the project. Very low-interest financing one percent interest rate is available to qualifying businesses, for the remaining project costs.

Install the upgrade. A post-installation inspection will ensure the work was done properly and will produce the desired energy savings.

Your lighting contractor will contact your local utility for the final inspection. Save money and energy.

To qualify for the incentive, the completed project must pass inspection. Salem Electric will pay contractors for 50 percent of the project cost.

Take advantage of this great opportunity to control your operating costs and save energy. To qualify for the financing, lighting projects must be installed and loan application completed by July 31, Need more information?

While these programs can help avoid screen damage to some monitors, they actually waste power by keeping your computer active.

For ideal savings, set your power management to turn off your monitor after 10 minutes and your hard disk after 20 minutes. Contrary to popular belief, turning off older computers and printers will not wear them down more quickly.

They tend to use about 25 percent less electricity than most desktop models. Rate sheets can make it easier to compare plans on cost, but quality can be hard to quantify on your own.

Celebrating our past. Looking to our future. We look forward to many more years of making lives better in the community. Asking whether a plan is accredited with NCQA is one of the best ways to start.

NCQA also ranks plans annually based on prevention, treatment and customer satisfaction. Lege handen is ook zoiets toch?

Loop even binnen bij Kikke Spulle Frederik Hendriklaan op De Fred want daar vindt je echt de leukste kadootjes, succes verzekerd! Neem dan een leuk pakket voor diegene mee!

In een tijd dat alles anders is geworden en nieuw, is het wellicht ook de hoogste tijd voor een mooie nieuwe koffer van Ssmsonite bij Brabants Lederwarenhuis Den Haag.

Nu wel met een hele stevige zomer aanbieding! Pak je oude koffer maar uit de kelder en Retteketet, op naar De Fred en snel naar het Brabants Lederwarenhuis.

Wat boffen we toch met dit heerlijke weer. De zon schijnt en de temperaturen stijgen. Tijd om eropuit te trekken maar wat trek je dan aan?

Natuurlijk zo'n heerlijk zachte creatie van FOS Amsterdam. De zomertops zijn er voor alle kleurrijke dames. Bij Boetiek Nouveau op De Fred is er een ruime keuze dus schroom niet en loop gezellig even binnen.

Je komt als een zonnetje weer naar buiten. Met de lekkere zachte en luchtige zomertops van FOS Amsterdam ben je in ieder geval goed voorbereid op de warme dagen.

Cherry island. Is dit zomers of is dit zomers! Tussen de zonnenbloemen door is de Summer Sale bij Oele Mode van start gegaan! Vrolijker dan dit kan toch niet?

De zomer is begonnen! En bij Oele Mode op De Fred ziet het er zonnig uit en hebben we zomerse kortingen! Zin om je vader en jezelf te trakteren?

Kom dan gezellig naar choX chocolaterie voor heerlijk vers gebakken wafels met de lekkerste Toppings!

Trakteer je vader morgen op een heerlijke brusselse wafel met chocolade, aardbeien, banaan of slagroom. En dan neem je er zelf natuurlijk ook 1 voor de gezelligheid ; brusselsewafels chocolade aardbei slagroom chocolate chox defred.

Whoooo, kijk nu toch eens even! Zijn jullie klaar? Dan zeggen wij, smullen maar! Verwen alle Papa's maar heerlijk van alle mooie kadootjes en lekkernijen welke jullie weer hebben gekocht op De Fred, deze dag kan al niet meer stuk!

Voor alle moeders die er op vaderdag stralend uit willen zien gaan vandaag nog even langs bij Pronto Woman op De Fred want daar hangt weer een prachtige collectie voor de vrouw van nu.

Oh wat is het leven fijn als de zon schijnt! Dat is het zeker en een heerlijke plek om te genieten van de zon en de lekkerste gerechten is bij Lunchroom Tasty op De Fred!

Schuif ook vandaag aan bij Marcel en zijn Horeca Toppers en laat je heerlijk verwennen, op het terras in de zon en geniet!

Geen idee? Nou, hier een tip Den Haag staat het team klaar jullie de lekkerste recepten en gerechten te adviseren voor de Ultieme Vaderdag!

Zondag is het Vaderdag! Een prachtige collectie voor hele mooie vaders! Nog genoeg tijd om een Vaderdag cadeau te kopen bij Oele Mode op De Fred zomercollectie herenmode frederikhendriklaan modeopdefred.

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We always design original furnishings , giving great attention to standards reliability and functionality.

Work is underway with by customer on of all stages do comprehensive analysis location apartments ,execute advance counts. In case the of you have appeared you can easily ask our experts and get answer to them with detailed explanations.

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Shelja Sen Parenting Tips Jul 01 , Related Posts August 26, A thank you note to my baby daughter Read More. August 19, Just another day in the life of a mother Read More.

August 5, VesTagense September 6, The cleaning company executes cleansing of rooms of different dimensions and also setups.

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Fred DГјren - What do you lead? Part VI – Leading People: What to Achieve

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