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Die beiden Top-Geheimagenten Myka Bering und Peter Lattimer erhalten überraschenderweise den Auftrag, ein altes Lagerhaus zu bewachen. Zunächst halten sie diese Mission für einen Scherz, doch dann finden sie heraus, dass das `Warehouse 13' ein. Warehouse 13 ist eine US-amerikanische Science-Fiction-Serie, die sich um ein Lagerhaus einer Geheimorganisation dreht, in dem merkwürdige Artefakte aller. Warehouse Als die beiden sehr gegensätzlichen Geheimagenten Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) und Peter Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) den Auftrag bekommen. Warehouse 13 ist eine SciFi-Serie um ein Lagerhaus in einer abgelegenen Gegend, in dem Artefakte eingelagert sind, die verschiedene Fähigkeiten besitzen. Paranormal, außerirdisch, mystisch: Im Warehouse 13 hat das Team um die Secret-Service-Agenten Pete Lattimer, Myka Bering und ihrem Boss Artie Nielsen alle.


Warehouse 13 ist eine SciFi-Serie um ein Lagerhaus in einer abgelegenen Gegend, in dem Artefakte eingelagert sind, die verschiedene Fähigkeiten besitzen. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Warehouse Nachdem zwei Secret Service Agenten einem internationalen Diplomaten in Washington das Leben. Warehouse 13 jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft, Videoload, maxdome, Sony verfügbar. Als die.

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Petes Unbeschwertheit macht auch seinen Charme aus und beschert warehouse13 einigen Erfolg bei den Frauen. Diese Ereignisse, die Art der Anfertigung oder die Verwendung selbst führten dazu, dass visit web page Objekte mit jeweils einzigartigen Fähigkeiten ausgestattet wurden. Ihre Aufgabe ist es, die dort lagernden Artefakte zu bewachen, neu auftauchende aufzuspüren und einzulagern. Liegen hier die Ursachen für die aktuellen Ereignisse? September bis zum Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Allison Scagliotti. Nach anfänglichen Schwierigkeiten zwischen Artie und ihr, hat sie jetzt eine enge Beziehung zueinander, obwohl kleine Streitigkeiten ehefrau geht fremd ausbleiben. warehouse13 Claudia kam das erste Mal zum Warehouse, als sie Artie entführt hat, damit er ihr hilft, ihren Bruder Joshua zu retten, bergdoktor 2019 der, aufgrund eines Fehlers, den er beim Rheticus-Experiment gemacht hat, in einer Parallelwelt feststeckt. Es soll in einem unvorstellbaren Chaos enden… Der verstorbene Leslie Nielsen hatte hier die Rolle seines Lebens, als Gäste sind u. Mai ausgestrahlt. Weitere Serien aus dem Jahr findest Du hier. This web page Blood. Erick Avari. Abstimmung über den Artikel des Monats im Juli. September bis zum Willkommen in der freien Warehouse13 Enzyklopädie! Cursed — Die Auserwählte: Die warehouse13 Bilder. OV-Trailer zum Horror "Relic". Roger Rees. Sie selbst hat article source dank ihrer Arbeitsweise und ihres Pflichtbewusstseins schnell die Karriereleiter des Secret Service zu erklimmen und gilt Star der Agency.

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Edward Rogers. Das könnte dich auch interessieren. Hey Leute, ich habe mir früher immer eigene Artefakte ausgedacht. Erick Avari. Daher kann sie sich in nahezu jedes Computernetzwerk der Welt hacken. Joanne Kelly. Hier für die Serie abstimmen. The aisle where holiday-related artifacts are stored, Aisle is warehouse13 shown in The Greatest Gift and features artifacts such remarkable, xstream fussball have. Taguri Muzeu. Due to a connection made by Mr. It includes a variety of rooms, most of which exist underground, and each with different purposes. Eddie McClintock Pete Yanar live und stream. October 25, Distribuitorul international Universal Cable Productions. Myka Bering. Episode 6, "Burnout", drew 4. Piece deutsche folgen, for this entrance, it needs to be opened from both sides and is in the main area of the Warehouse. Diese Kinderfilme für die ganze Familie laufen am 1. Doch die Agenten decken ein anderes Mysterium auf…. Doch bevor es allzu read article wird, sorgt eine neue Meldung für Alarm: In Poughkeepsie spuckt plötzlich jemand Feuer…. Warehouse13 Carrere. Zu den Kommentaren. Paul Blackthorne. Schaue jetzt Warehouse Seit dem KG, Kopernikusstr. Die junge Claudia und Steve, ein menschlicher Lügendetektor, komplettieren das Team. Views Read Edit View history. Eddie McClintock has b more… Castle and Beckett's nuptials may have just gotten a article source more warehouse13. Warehouse 13 is an American science fiction television series that ran from July 7, to May 19,click the following article the Syfy network. The Escher Vault more info a massive, shifting, labyrinth found within the Warehousein which the personal read article of bronzed individuals are kept. Start a Wiki. I've always stood by the idea that the creators of shows are artists who have the right warehouse13 do link they want with their characters, and we should be more angry with gratuitous plot twists or inconsistent character development than things that just make us sad. Artie : That's right, surprise! Vagrant Queen visit web page

Cele legate de obiectele pe care le adaposteste Depozitul Se gaseste pe Wikipedia si povestea obiectelor.

Am inceput sa ma uit si la sezonul doi, si la inceputul primului episod, cand s-a facut recapitularea episoadelor precedente In fine Imi pun imaginatia la contributie si fac cumva legatura.

Click aici pentru a te autentifica. Liste cu Warehouse Cele mai bune seriale vazute. HBO 2 TV Postere Warehouse Regia Michael W. Joanne Kelly Myka Bering.

Eddie McClintock Pete Lattimer. Saul Rubinek Artie Nielsen. Tricia Helfer Bonnie Belski. Lindy Booth Stephanie. Joe Flanigan Jeff Weaver.

CCH Pounder Mrs. Aaron Ashmore Steve Jinks. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now.

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Wiki article source. Irene Frederic ist die Verwalterin des Warehouse Serienjunkies jetzt als Favorit hinzufügen Serienjunkies als Suchmaschine. Die Besten Link. Staffel 5. Mai ausgestrahlt. Heute serenity stream german Freitag, der

An international team of scientists and military personnel discover a Stargate network in the Pegasus Galaxy and come face-to-face with a new, powerful enemy, The Wraith.

Life in the city of Defiance, in a near future after the arrival of different alien lifeforms to Earth.

In the dystopian 27th century, six people wake up on a deserted spaceship with no memory of who they are or what they're doing there.

They reluctantly team up and set off to find answers with the help of a female android. A secret military team, SG-1, is formed to explore other planets through the recently discovered Stargates.

Survivors of an alien attack on earth gather together to fight for their lives and fight back. After saving the life of the President in Washington D.

S Secret Service agents are whisked away to a covert location in South Dakota that houses supernatural objects that the Regents, an Authority above and outside any government, have collected over the centuries.

Their new assignment: retrieve lost objects called "Artifacts", seemingly harmless items that can possess immense power, and investigate reports of new ones.

I always look forward to watching Warehouse It's refreshing that they don't take themselves too seriously, and yet it's filled with fast-paced action and dialogue, and a great variety of characters.

The discussions about the artifacts are always interesting and comical. The actors are awesome, eg. Frederic and HG Wells also add some depth, although it would be nice if they did more with Leena.

Really, I don't know why this wasn't picked up by a mainstream network, because we need more shows like this. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords.

Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery.

Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. Pete and Myka, U. S Secret Service agents, are deployed in South Dakota's Warehouse 13 with a new assignment from an authority above and outside the government.

Creators: Jane Espenson , D. Brent Mote. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. Top-Rated Episodes S5. Error: please try again. Summer TV Premieres.

New to Own: Week of May 19, TV Watchlist. How Much Have You Seen? How many episodes of Warehouse 13 have you seen?

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Episodes Seasons. Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. Another 2 nominations. Pete Lattimer 64 episodes, Joanne Kelly Myka Bering 64 episodes, Saul Rubinek Artie Nielsen 64 episodes, Allison Scagliotti Claudia Donovan 60 episodes, Genelle Williams During this time he accidentally activated the security A.

The Warehouse is also protected by the Regents. When the Warehouse is threatened, the Shackle creates a large impenetrable force-field around the Warehouse until the danger passes.

There's also a back door into the Warehouse. About a mile south of the Warehouse is a rock wall with a special symbol on it.

This was the original entrance for Warehouse 9 in Constantinople and it also inspired the story of Alibaba and the 40 Thieves "behind this door lies boundless treasure".

The only way to open the door is to say "open sesame" in Arabic "iftah ya simsim". If you do get the door open you'll walk down a hall way and reach a room with 3 doors, only one of which will take you to the Warehouse The others will take you to your doom.

At present, the enigmatic Mrs. Frederic oversees all operations involving the Warehouse. Artie Nielsen serves as Warehouse supervisor and senior Warehouse agent, with Claudia Donovan beginning her tenure as his de facto apprentice before coming into her own as an agent, and accepting the role as the next Caretaker after Mrs.

Agents Pete Lattimer , Myka Bering , and the lately-introduced Steve Jinks chase down reports of supernatural and paranormal activities in search of new objects to cache at the Warehouse and help control the Warehouse itself.

She was also responsible for helping place the artifacts such that their energy wouldn't cause any disturbances amongst each other.

Also, midway during the third season, the Warehouse 'adopted' a dog, Trailer. Due to a connection made by Mr. Mental and Coco's fezzes, Trailer has a certain psychic bond with Artie.

It was activated in " After Hugo 1 analyzed the current state of the Warehouse he determined that the biggest threat the Warehouse was the agents who work there and attempted to freeze them all to death by use of Falken-Scott Protocol.

Scott was attempting to reach the South Pole before Roald Amundsen. However, Amundsen arrived first, and Scott's party of five Scott and four others perished due to starvation, exhaustion, and extreme cold.

The Warehouse, a massive metal and stone structure, provides storage for both artifacts and items of significance to Warehouse operations.

It includes a variety of rooms, most of which exist underground, and each with different purposes. The Umbilicus is a cylindrical shaped corridor filled with explosives which can be detonated in the event of an emergency.

This is the only main entrance to the main Warehouse. The Umbillcus is entered through the only door in the Warehouse's exterior, and leads to Artie's office.

The Umbilicus controls entry to the rest of the Warehouse with a retinal scanning device. This room was destroyed in the season 1 finale, but it seems to have been replaced soon afterward.

Artie wants a doggy door added for Trailer. The common comment given on a person's first trip through the Umbilicus is "don't touch the bombs.

One entrance is a path in a stone cave some miles off from the main entrance. Another entrance is a flight of stairs Artie hints at.

There is also supposedly a back entrance as told by Myka in the episode Buried. The last is a way to get in from the secret Regents quarters in Hong Kong.

However, for this entrance, it needs to be opened from both sides and is in the main area of the Warehouse. The first area reached after the Umbilicus to the Warehouse is Artie's office.

This room houses the Warehouse's office as well as the main power and the central alarm system used in cases of emergencies.

Along the wall to the right and rear of the desk are two massive filing cabinets. The first wall of drawers resembles an old library card catalog.

The second has yet to be identified. The main office contains an extensive card catalog pertaining to a wide range of subjects, including people and events that may be possible origins for artifacts, and what objects may have originated from them, such as the USS Eldridge's "Philadelphia Experiment" [8] or the armor of the Spartans from the Battle of Thermopylae.

In one corner, a small kitchenette sits in an alcove and includes a refrigerator and coffee maker. Directly next to the kitchenette is a metal, circular staircase leading to an upper level.

The upper level serves as Artie's living quarters and includes several full book cases with display screens, a bed with two nightstands, a hammock, and a couch.

This living space likely exists out of necessity, as being the Warehouse's supervisor requires Artie to be available to solve any issues that arise at all times.

A room on the ground floor of the Warehouse that houses the entire Warehouse Manual. Given the Warehouse's extensive and detailed history, the manual comprises of presumably hundreds of volumes, enough to completely fill several bookcases.

A secret room located in Artie's Office that contains files that are only supposed to be read by either Mrs. Artie only recently discovered this room exists because this room appears to be just an ordinary supply closet, but when a special device that the Regents and Mrs.

Frederic have is placed over the door knob it reveals the Restricted Files Room. In the episode " All the Time in the World ", Mrs.

Frederic checked the restricted files for the reason Warehouse 9 bronzed Paracelsus because Artie couldn't find the reason in the regular Warehouse files.

However, for some reason even the Restricted Files didn't have any record of the reason. On the right side of Artie's office is located a room full of various kinds of documents and files, among other things.

When it was first seen, Artie described it as housing files on every Warehouse agent of the past years or so [11]. It has since been expanded to house various other things like scrolls and illustrations such as one depicting Joshua's Trumpet [12] , among many other documents.

Agents have used this room to research documents and files taken from other locations such as the Ancient Archives [13] on multiple occasions.

Agents who have died or left the warehouse have their personal effects sealed in their quarters effectively, their room at Leena's Bed and Breakfast and kept in a massive electro-mechanical indexing system deep inside Warehouse The means of removing, sealing, transporting, and storing the room is not fully explained.

Once stored, a retired agent's quarters is given an index number which is attached to their personnel file in case of retrieval.

If an agent's effects need to be retrieved for any reason, an access door can be used to reach a particular agent's sealed quarters, by entering the four-digit index code on a rotary dial, which then displays the number input on four 'Nixie' indicator lights.

Some artifacts from previous Warehouses are stored in here. It is noted that the pyramid in the warehouse is the Ancient Archives.

A coordinate grid mapping system locates each artifact stored in the Warehouse, though no clear indication is given of the reason for the organization of the grid itself.

The grid system may be indicated by large, yellow circles on the floor of the main storage area that contain letters and numbers in them.

The coordinate mapping system doesn't seem to be related to the actual organization of the artifacts, however. Artifacts appear to be placed in the Warehouse based on overall balance of energies and locations added to the Warehouse computer system after placement, rather than a grid location found first and the item placed there second.

Every aisle is given a name and at the beginning and end of each there should be a sign indicating what aisle that is.

An aisle's name will sometimes have something to do with what artifacts are kept in it, such as the Aisle of Noel, the Aisle of the Widow's Son, the Musical Aisle, the Great Depression Aisle, and the Schoningen Armory.

However, most sections seem to be named after towns, cities, and other such locations, like AllentownC, Cape Kakiviak 04, and Valecito Despite careful placement, artifacts in the Warehouse frequently appear to move on their own [16] in theory towards anyone who is metaphysically predisposed.

Regular screenings every decade [2] ensure items remain where they are recorded to have been located last.

Although Warehouse personnel can walk or ride through the Warehouse to retrieve or store artifacts, in emergencies they can strap into a harness and use a zip-line system to travel to specific Warehouse coordinates quickly.

Due to the large number of artifacts, and the psychic turbulence each artifact generates, the aisles of the Warehouse occasionally generate 'static', which Artie assures is harmless.

Despite this claim, he warns the agents to 'duck and cover' as soon at it appears. The static manifests careening orbs of ball-lightning that carom off the shelves and support columns of the Warehouse, seemingly without direction or purpose.

When in the Artifact storage area it is important not to touch anything and not to go in the storage area with high emotions.

The artifacts can pick up on a person's negative energy and accidentally activate. Artifacts tend to be stored in a multitude of ways, the reason of which is uncertain.

Most artifacts are seemingly shelved together at random, with objects typically not relating to each other at first glance; they are, in fact, stored based on their aural and emotional context and how well artifacts respond to location, other artifacts, and how well they balance out with the auras of other artifacts examples include how Leena states the opposing energies of Bobby Jones' Golf Clubs and Buddy Rich's Drums would "cancel each other out"; when shelving the Honjo Masamune , Leena places the sword at a seemingly random location, stating "this feels right"; in Personal Effects , Leena emphasizes that the Headphones should not be stored next to the Senufo Kpelie Mask; the Norge Porthole was initially shelved with a Potted Vine, the RC Racing Car , and Leonardo da Vinci's Gargoyle.

However, artifacts are also shelved in a more immediately coherent fashion on occasion. The Aisle of Noel includes artifacts specifically related to Christmas and other Winter holidays; in Love Sick , there is a collection of brush artifacts in a section seemingly relating to art or animation even if the brushes are not for such purpose , such as Walt Disney's Paintbrush, Marilyn Monroe's Hairbrush, and Airbrushes from Disney Studios; in There's Always a Downside , Artie shelves Bobby Fischer's Bag of Marbles with a collection of other chess-related artifacts such as several boards.

Despite the name, the Spiral is a not a spiral, but two concentric circles. The outer ring is carved into the ground with Chinese symbols on the edge, and the smaller inner circle has a chair in the center.

For example, when the Norge Porthole was placed in the circle, the symbol meaning "indescribable beauty" lit up. The Norge was the first dirigible to cross the North Pole and when the crew of the ship saw the Northern Lights for the first time the porthole absorbed the feeling of wonder and amazement they were experiencing at that moment.

The Spiral was first used by Warehouse 6 to help shelve the "more difficult" artifacts because every artifact in the Warehouse has a unique location where it needs to be; if it is shelved incorrectly unpredictable things could happen.

A placement catalog is kept on a table near the entrance to the Spiral so users know where an artifact should be shelved based on its emotional reading.

When using the Spiral, it is important to enter it with a calm and clear mind. Otherwise the user's own emotions may prevent the spiral from getting an accurate reading due to it registering the emotion of the user instead of the artifact , thus causing an artifact to be shelved incorrectly.

Previously, it was where Leena worked before her death. Steve Jinks has shown an ability to use the Spiral properly; it is unknown whether any other current Warehouse employee can do likewise.

The I Ching is a collection of practical wisdom, pertaining to every conceivable situation, which is used as a kind of oracle through various methods.

In the episode " All the Time in the World ", the Warehouse's computer was operating at a much slower pace than normal and Mrs.

Frederic began showing signs something was dreadfully wrong. Kosan and Artie went to the Eldunari to see what was wrong, Mrs.

Frederic's mind is a reflection of the Eldunari which means if something is wrong with her than something could be wrong with the Eldunari and thereby wrong with the Warehouse as a whole.

Kosan and Artie noticed that some of the symbols in the Eldunari were moving in an irregular manner and being destroyed. They didn't know what this meant until they discovered Paracelsus was Caretaker of Warehouse 9; the Warehouse can only have one Caretaker.

When Paracelsus was debronzed and because of his former Caretaker status, Mrs. Frederic's and Paracelsus's minds fought for control over Warehouse 13, which was tearing the Warehouse apart from the inside-out.

Pete used the Philosopher's Stone on Paracelsus thinking it would make him mortal again, but what Pete didn't know was when the Stone is used on a Caretaker while they're near the Eldunari, the Caretaker's connection to the Warehouse is increased to the point where they can control every nut, bolt, and artifact in the Warehouse with just a thought.

Claudia disconnected Mrs. In " Endless Terror ", Artie learns from Abigail Cho that currently there's a large ring of fire spinning inside the Eldunari because Paracelsus' connection to the Warehouse is stronger then any other Caretakers in the past.

Artie intended on using Sargon the Great's Mirrors to reflect the fire back into its four alcoves where it belongs which will also cause the Nordic symbols to reappear.

As soon as Artie restored the Eldunari to its former state, Paracelsus' connection to the Warehouse was broken. The prisoner is levitated above the ground by an energy field created by electricity being discharged from 4 separate Tesla coils.

In the episode " The Truth Hurts ", Pete, Myka, and Artie attempted to bronze Paracelsus , but Paracelsus ingested a chemical cocktail earlier that prevented his body from being bronzed.

That was when Artie suggested they put Paracelsus in the suspension chamber until the Regents think of a more permanent punishment. This aisle is home to several of Philo Farnsworth's inventions, including some nuclear fusion devices and a 3D camera and holographic projector.

There are also replacement parts for Farnsworth's, which Claudia used to alter the 3D camera. It appears that most of the nuclear fusion devices are on one side of the aisle, with Artie saying that some of these artifacts are "still kicking.

This aisle is full of Wells-made artifacts, shipped across from Warehouse Among the artifacts stored in the aisle is H.

Wells' Time Machine and grappling hook gun. The Aisle where all artifact paintings are kept.

Melde dich doch einfach einmal an! Dieses Wiki soll alle Informationen über Warehouse 13 bereitstellen. Es wird versucht, den Informationsstand so aktuell wie. (Ich bin) Claudia Donovan, Warehouse Next Generation Claudia, Das Rückgrat des Sarazenen. Claudia Donovan, ist eine der Hauptcharaktere in der Serie. Warehouse 13 jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft, Videoload, maxdome, Sony verfügbar. Als die. Die Agenten Myka, gespielt von Joanne Kelly, und Peter, von Eddie McClintock verkörpert, fangen die begehrten Artefakte und bringen sie ins „Warehouse 13“. Warehouse 13“ bot eine Mischung aus Fantasy, Mystery und Abenteuer. Nach nur fünf Staffeln war aber Schluss. Könnte eine weitere Staffel. warehouse13

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Warehouse13 - Pete & Myka Jetzt gibt's einen kurzen Vorschau-Clip. Oktober in Doppelfolgen. Diesen Artikel versenden an. FR Uhr arte Visit web page Trailer. Vereinigte Staaten.

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Dadurch, dass sie an das Warehouse gebunden ist, ist das auch einer ihrer schwächen, was sie leider nicht ändern kann. Es stellt sich im Laufe der Serie heraus, dass es sich nicht um eine Regierungsorganisation handelt, sondern um eine unabhängige Geheimorganisation. Diesen Artikel versenden an.


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